Cosmetic strings restore youth and erase age lines, with Dr.naglaa.zoghby, dermatological maestro

What are the steps to tighten the skin with threads and what are the servicesof using cosmetic threads:

If you want to preserve your youth, and get rid of wrinkles on the face and neck without surgery, this can be done by lifting the face and neck with strings with Dr. Najla Al Zoghbi.

Lifting the face and neck with cosmetic threads:

Threading is the latest non-surgical technique in the world of cosmetology to tighten the face and neck, and it also works on

Sculpting the face for a more beautiful and consistent shape by means of thin medical threads inserted under the skin

To tighten facial tissues.

How do the threads tighten the face and neck?

There are several forms of cosmetic threads, they may be smooth or barbed, and they are inserted under the skin

Using a hollow needle.

The strings tighten the facial tissues and stimulate the skin to produce collagen.

Some types of cosmetic threads dissolve after a period of activating collagen, while others are permanent.

What is the appropriate age to use strings for face and neck:

The appropriate age is:

Those whose age ranges from 30 to 60 years.

Who suffers from moderate sagging and wrinkles on the face.

Neck lift

Eyebrow tightening

Defining jawlines

What are the steps to lift the face and neck with threads?

Local anesthesia is used to numb the skin.

Dr. Naglaa Al-Zoghbi makes small incisions.

Sutures are inserted through the incisions and pulled to tighten the skin.

This procedure takes about 30 minutes.

The results of cosmetic threads last for a period ranging from 12 to 24 months.

In the end, the stitches are sewn.

What are the advantages of using threads to tighten the face and neck?

Sculpting and contouring the face without surgery.

Eliminate wrinkles and facial wrinkles without surgery.

A simple and not as complicated procedure as a face-lift surgery.

It stimulates collagen production.

Gives natural-looking results.

How to recover from tightening of the skin with cosmetic threads

The recovery period is short, and some can resume their activities immediately.

Some people may need to rest for a day or two.

You will need to sleep with your head up and your face up.

You can take a pain reliever if you feel it.

What are the types of face and neck lift threads?

Golden threads to tighten the face and neck:

These strings are made of pure 24 karat gold.

It leads to the formation of new collagen fibers around it.

The golden threads stimulate blood circulation, the flow of oxygen, and nutrients to the treated area.

Alapus threads for face and neck lifting:

Made of polypropylene, this type is called feather yarn, because it has feather-like protrusions.

It is not absorbable, so its results last longer than those that dissolve.

PDO threads for face and neck lifting:

One of the best types of facelift threads, it is known as Novalift.

Made with biocompatible PDO.

It is an absorbable strand that stimulates collagen production.

Cellulite threads to tighten the face and neck:

They are strings made of polylactic acid, a substance that is well tolerated by the body.

They are temporary dissolvable sutures.

It works to stimulate and increase collagen.

Which areas are treated by strings?

The most important areas treated by the different types of facelift threads:

Cosmetic strings to tighten the cheeks and the lower half of the face

One of the most common aging symptoms is sagging cheeks, and by using strings, the cheeks can be tightened and lifted.

These strands help define the jawline and chin naturally.

Lips contouring with cosmetic threads

Threads are used to reshape the lips, and to get rid of wrinkles around them, especially those known as smoking lines, which appear due to smoking cigarettes.

Lift the upper half of the face

To get rid of forehead and eye wrinkles, and treat sagging eyelids, which occurs with age, eyelids can be tightened with threads and eyebrows raised.

Neck lift with cosmetic threads

In order to regain your youth, a face and neck lift can be combined to obtain an older look, and it is easy to tighten the neck with cosmetic threads just as it is used on the face.

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