Treating acne problems and facial pits

Treating acne problems and facial pits For plastic and laser surgeries Dr. Naglaa Al-Zoghbi provides several medical solutions and specialized services in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, skin and hair care using fillers and botox, and the latest international technologies in treating acne problems, facial pits, acne scars, wrinkles treatment with botox and filler, laser […]

Stem cells for hair and how to treat the hair with plasma and stem cells

The importance of hair treatment with plasma and stem cells: Plasma and stem cell hair treatment is one of the technologies that have revolutionized hair treatment, as this technique has contributed to treating hair growth, improving hair follicles and surrounding tissues, and nourishing the scalp, and this technique shows remarkable results in reducing hair loss. […]

Botox and Filler Injection | Face wrinkles treatment with Dr.naglaa.zoghby

Facial wrinkles are one of the effects of aging, which age draws on our faces and other areas of our bodies, affecting the psychological state of a person and his self-confidence, which prompted plastic surgeons to use wrinkle treatment Botox and Filler and get rid of facial lines as an effective and guaranteed way to […]