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Facial wrinkles are one of the effects of aging, which age draws on our faces and other areas of our bodies, affecting the psychological state of a person and his self-confidence, which prompted plastic surgeons to use wrinkle treatment Botox and Filler and get rid of facial lines as an effective and guaranteed way to maintain the freshness of the face And for a more youthful and lively look

 The operations and treatments for rejuvenation of the face are the most common, which depend mainly on removing and concealing wrinkles, and wrinkle treatment Botox and Filler are among the most used of those treatments.

And the appearance of wrinkles is more common in areas exposed to sunlight, such as the face, neck, hands, and forearms.

Factors for the appearance of wrinkles

 Old age

 Excessive exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays breaks down the collagen and elastin substances responsible for making the skin elastic.

 Smoking speeds up the process of wrinkles and premature aging

  Genetic factors

Skin wrinkles are divided into:

 Wrinkles fixed:

They are the ones that can always be seen and are visible even when all the facial muscles are still or moving

 Moving wrinkles:

These wrinkles are formed over time by facial expressions that are repeated daily and are not apparent during the dormancy of those muscles, and these wrinkles are the ones that Botox is used to treat.

Wrinkle treatment Botox and Filler:

Botox is a natural protein extracted from the bacterium Cholestridium botulinum, which is an anaerobic bacteria. This protein prevents the secretion of acetylcholine and contributes to the reduction of excess body secretions, so Botox is also used in cases of increased sweating. And his star has shone in the field of lip augmentation with botox to give it a full and attractive appearance despite the fact that the World Food and Drug Organization did not give a license to use Botox in the lower part of the face

 As for the filler, it is a non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia, and the filler process takes between a quarter of an hour to half an hour to fill the voids under the skin caused by facial wrinkles and signs of aging, which returns the face to a youthful, full and beautiful appearance. Filler technology uses several materials, including natural, such as fat cells or collagen, and industrial ones such as hyaluronic acid or industrial polymer

Uses of botox and filler injections:

Treatment for wrinkles, Botox, fillers, and fine facial lines

 Certain types of the upper limb and neck cramps

 Get rid of smile marks around the mouth

 Treatment for tamper marks and lines in the forehead area

Wrinkle treatment Botox and Filler is a new treatment option for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating in certain parts of the body, especially the palms and armpits, which is an embarrassing matter that affects the appearance, especially in the summer and even affects the handshake, driving or work. Wrinkle treatment Botox and Filler in these cases helps improve the patient’s quality of life

Botox and filler injection:

Before performing the Botox or filler injection, a preliminary meeting is needed, during which the doctor will agree with the patient on the area to be treated, according to the skin type, thickness, texture, amount of wrinkle treatment Botox and filler the patient’s desire. Often there is no need for additional prior checks

Dr. Naglaa Al-Zoghbi identifies the areas that should treat wrinkles with botox and fillers

 The patient was sedated with a local anesthetic

Dr. Naglaa Al-Zoghbi injects the patient with Botox or Filler

 Usually, the duration of a botox or filler injection session does not exceed half an hour

The results of the treatment of wrinkles Botox and Filler appear within a few days and last for several months, and you may need to re-inject later to maintain the achieved result.

The difference between wrinkles treatment Botox and Filler:

Wrinkles treatment with botox and fillers is used to overcome the signs of aging and treat facial wrinkles, but there are several differences between them.

 There are wrinkles on the face called expressive wrinkles and those for which Botox is used, and there are so-called fixed wrinkles for which we use filler

Botox is cosmetic, preventive, and curative at the same time and maintains the problem of fatigue and pressure that leads to expressive lines, so it is injected under the muscle to relax it.

The filler is injected under the skin to treat atrophy of the jaw and under the eyes for dark circles and lips

 Botox is the botulinum toxin

As for the fillers, there are two types: the first is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that enters the formation of tissues, which helps to absorb water inside and moisturize the skin.

 The second substance is calcium hydroxyapatite, which helps the formation of collagen in the skin to become more youthful and tight.

 Botox is a substance that helps remove wrinkles

 As for filler, it is one of several materials such as animal collagen

 Botox is used to stretch and relax the muscles

As for the filler, it is used to fill the voids under the skin

Botox is used in the places of lines between the eyebrows and on the forehead, and it treats wrinkles at the corner of the eye

As for the filler, it is used in the areas above the mouth and cheeks

 The injection with botox does not exceed a few minutes, and the filler session may extend for more than half an hour

 The result of filler injection lasts for a longer period, which may reach years, and the result of Botox lasts for several months only

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