Acne nightmare | Dr.naglaa.zoghby explains the causes of acne and methods of treatment

Acne treatment, facial pits, and acne scars

Some people suffer from acne, facial pits, and acne scars on their skin, which does not go away on their own over time. Individuals experiencing depression can be frustrated by acne and may be due to dermatitis or smallpox.

Causes of acne


Common acne among teens begins with increased hormone production during puberty. Both young men and women produce high levels of androgens.

 Bacterial growth on the skin

The fat accumulated on the skin causes the hair follicles to be blocked, especially in the face area, which creates the appropriate environment for the growth of bacteria on it, and this causes the appearance of white or blackheads on the surface of the skin

   Unhealthy diet

Studies indicate that some nutritional factors such as consuming skimmed milk and foods rich in carbohydrates such as bread may exacerbate the problem of acne and that eating sweets such as chocolate increases the percentage of acne on the skin.

The impact of acne problems, facial pits, and acne scars

The effect of acne problems, facial pits, and acne scars is a concave deformity that appears in the form of pits in the skin, and these pits appear when the inner layer of the skin is damaged

As this layer of the skin stimulates healing, a greater amount of collagen is produced, this additional amount of collagen may leave an imprint that does not correspond to the rest of the skin.

Types of acne problems, facial pits, and acne scars

Atrophic scars

 This type is the most common and is in the form of holes in the skin, and it forms due to a lack of collagen needed for the wound-healing process.

  Swollen scars

 These scars usually appear in the place of the back and chest bumps, and are slightly protruding from the surrounding skin surface, and are formed due to the increased production of collagen during the healing process.

 Black spots

A discoloration after the pimples is gone is not considered an actual scar, as red, purple, or brown spots appear and disappear on their own after several months

Acne forms, facial pits, and acne scars

  Pits are circular or oval, usually due to deep penetration into the skin

  U-shaped pits, with sharp edges

   Rolling pits have irregularly rounded edges

Methods for treating acne, facial pits, and acne scars

There are several methods used in treating acne, facial pits, and acne scars, and each of these methods has different efficacy, depending on the type of skin.

Skin peeling, which works to remove layers of skin and stimulates the body to reproduce new skin cells, and this technique treats superficial pits, not deep pits that need other techniques.

Chemical peeling

Many people who suffer from acne, face pits, and acne scars, choose chemical peeling treatments to reduce the appearance of these pits.

During the chemical peeling process, a specialist applies a layer of acid to the face, and a specific enzyme may be added to this mask.

This method aims to remove the outer layer of skin in order to regenerate it

Types of chemical peels

 Superficial peeling

It is the gentlest type and can be applied to all types of skin

  Medium peeling

It penetrates the skin to a deeper level and causes a second degree burn to the skin

 Deep peeling

It penetrates many layers of the skin and causes a second-degree burn, and it is applied to the face. It needs to be cleaned several times per day to reduce the peeling.

The expected results of a chemical peeling process

This operation succeeds in removing fine wrinkles on the face, especially those around the mouth and under the eyes. In this process, the surface layer and part of the middle layer of the skin are burned by adding a chemical mixture to the face that exfoliates these layers. The result, fresh, smooth skin, free from blemishes

Skin dermabrasion

It produces similar results to a chemical peel but without the use of chemicals

A tool is used to rid you of the outer layer of skin in order to regenerate it

And treatment of acne and facial pits and acne scars

Depending on the size of the affected area, the specialist usually uses local or general anesthesia


Instead of using chemicals or a tool to remove the outer layer of skin, professionals use abrasives to get rid of the outer layer

This treatment method is most effective in treating a few areas of affected skin and requires several sessions

Fractional laser

This treatment aims to stimulate acne treatment, facial pits, and acne scars

Laser light is used and directed directly to these pits, and this causes the outer layer of the epidermis to be burned in these pits in order to regenerate it and stimulate the growth of new cells.

For acne, facial pits, and acne scars

 Derma Roll: – which helps to activate collagen in the skin, by means of a small fork that is passed on the skin, and collagen helps mainly in the treatment of acne, facial pits, and acne scars

Fractional laser: – It is a type of laser that is directed at the face, using a specific focus, which works to activate collagen as well

The result does not appear from the first session, it needs four sessions according to the patient’s condition, and it is advised to deal with licensed centers, and specialist doctors prefer due to the sensitivity of the matter, and for fear of burns on the skin

 Chemical peeling

Crystal Peeling is a method of exfoliating the skin using sand crystals and granules, while micro-crystallization peeling is a gentle exfoliation method that removes the uneven, thick outer layer to leave your skin more delicate and smooth

It works to get rid of old damaged skin layers, this method helps to secrete collagen in the skin, leaving your appearance naturally more fresh and vibrant

Tips after treating acne, facial pits, and acne scars

   Not to get too much sun exposure

   Facial Wash

   Drinking water

   Follow a healthy diet

  Avoid smoking

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