Stem cells for hair and how to treat the hair with plasma and stem cells

The importance of hair treatment with plasma and stem cells:

Plasma and stem cell hair treatment is one of the technologies that have revolutionized hair treatment, as this technique has contributed to treating hair growth, improving hair follicles and surrounding tissues, and nourishing the scalp, and this technique shows remarkable results in reducing hair loss.

This technique is based on the precise injection of stem cell serum rich in growth elements into the scalp layers.

Stem Cells:

They are cells characterized by a tremendous ability to divide and form, so that they turn into different types of cells according to the medium in which they are located.

Young children are distinguished by the presence of huge amounts of these stem cells, which work as a type of self-repairing system for the body.

Properties of hair treatment with plasma and stem cells:

They are unspecialized cells that are able to renew themselves through cell division

It is able to latency and stops dividing for long periods according to the body’s need

It can be induced under special circumstances to transform into a specific tissue that is different from the one in which it was originated.

The adult stem cells are combined from fat cells through specialized techniques in liposuction, or from the protein-rich blood plasma of the same person undergoing hair treatment with plasma and stem cells, and this is so that he is not exposed to an allergy to these cells.

Stem cells are also found in some hair follicles and can be used in hair transplantation

Hair treatment with plasma and stem cells:


There are several methods of treating hair with plasma and stem cells

Treatment of hair with plasma injection

Hair treatment with stem cells extracted from fat cells

This method is based on separating stem cells from fat and introducing them into the body, where it can help hair growth.

The injection is done with very precise techniques, and the separation of the stem cells should be done under completely sterile conditions.

Stem cell hair transplant

Scientists have discovered a new method in treating hair with plasma and stem cells, and this method depends on selecting follicles capable of dividing to produce more than one hair in the same hair exit gap, picking out a part of the follicle and replanting it so that it can produce a number of hairs at a time when transplanted and the bulb returns to renew itself again.

How are hair treated with plasma and stem cells?

The stem cell serum is micro-injected with very fine needles to achieve the best results to absorb the serum and stimulate the speed of wound healing.

The results of the plasma and stem cell hair treatment appear in healthy scalp and strong, nourished hair follicles.

Benefits of hair treatment with plasma and stem cells: –

Stimulate natural hair growth.

Hair loss treatment.

Alopecia treatment

Non-hormonal baldness treatment.

Increasing the density and thickness of stem cells helps in treating hair loss because they stimulate the scalp cycle,

It has almost no side effects and is very safe because it depends on the injection of substances and cells that are already present in the body.

For hair.

When will the results of hair treatment with plasma and stem cells appear?

Treatment that includes the use of plasma and hair stem cells does not show immediate results.

You may notice short hair growth within the first two weeks, and final results take approximately six months to appear.

Even with stem cell hair transplantation cases, the results do not appear directly because the transplanted hair is a part of the hair that has been redistributed to the scalp.

In a short period, new follicles grow and hair density increases, and this is accompanied by an improvement in the softness, strength, and general appearance of new hair.

How is the process of hair treatment with plasma and stem cells: –

Stem cells to treat hair loss can be done by injection. It is better to distribute stem cells to the scalp, and use the Dermapen device to lighten the skin pores in it,

It is a pen with fine needles that are passed on the scalp that helps stimulate blood circulation and thus contributes to the absorption of stem cells and their absorption to a greater extent, instead of injecting them.

The difference between plasma and stem cell hair treatment:

Plasma: – It is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, treated using a centrifuge to obtain platelet-rich plasma, and then injected into the scalp to treat hair loss.

Stem cells: They are basic embryonic cells that can divide and develop into specialized cells in the human body. Stem cells are taken from a person’s own fatty tissue, bone marrow, or blood.

Plasma injections are prepared from the patient’s own blood. Stem cells prepare fatty tissue, bone marrow, blood, or hair follicles.

Plasma injection to treat hair loss, the person benefits with blood plasma and platelets, and there is no problem with compatibility. This is not the case with stem cell therapy, as the risk of incompatibility is relatively higher.

Injecting platelet-rich plasma directly after preparation by centrifugation. Therefore, the concentration of viable and viable platelets is high in the sample. In stem cells, the time interval between extracting the stem cells, transferring them, and then injecting them, may compromise the quality of the sample and change the results.

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